Day 1 agenda

Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Digital and sustainable transformation. A global forum for city changers


Welcome and Opening session

JosA� Ballesta GermA?n (Mayor of Murcia), Antonio GonzA?lez (Managing Director at LA VERDAD MULTIMEDIA), Alberto Aguirre de Carcer (Director at LA VERDAD), JosA� GuillA�n Parra (Vice-Mayor and Councilman for Modernization & Urban Quality – Murcia City Council).


S1- Is technology dehumanizing society?

Keynote speech

Elsa Punset (Writer and Public speaker on Emotional Intelligence)


S2- Are our cities safe ? How to survive in the era of internet.

Keynote speech

Chema Alonso (Cibersecurity expert)


S3-A�A�Smart Cities go further together. Getting inspiration from the smart cities protagonists

A�Panel discussionA�

Moderator: JosA� Antonio Teixeira (Former General Manager of Innovation of the Santander City Council)

Speakers: JosA� GuillA�n Parra (Vice-Mayor and Councilman for Modernization & Urban Quality – Murcia City Council), Juan Antonio MartA�nez (IT lecturer at UMU),A� Curro GarcA�a Corrales (Councilman for Presidency & Institutional coordination- Rivas Vaciamadrid City Council), Carlos Ventura (Head of IT& Telecommunications- Rivas Vaciamadrid City Council).


S4- Bitcoin, Blockchain, cloud solutions and internet of things. The disruptive technologies that are transforming the Smart City. The future is NOW!

A�Panel discussionA�

Moderator: JosA� MartA�nez MA?rquez (Chief Technology officer Murcia City Council).

Speakers: Rafael SA?nchez (Cloud computing GOOGLE), Francisco Romero (Director of Smart Cities at IBM), Bruno Vilarasau (Digital Director Mediterraneo, TELEFA�NICA), Santiago MA?rquez (Bitcoin & blockchain expert at CLLUC),A� Pepe Lamas (Data & AI, MICROSOFT), Carlos Moreno (Key Account manager HUAWEI),A�JosA� Luis MatA� GA?mez (CTO , Public IT Services NEC)


Lunch Break



S5- Economic growth, employment and bussiness opportunities in the Smart city.

A�Panel dicussionA�

Moderator: JoaquA�n GarcA�a Cruz (Deputy Managing Director at LA VERDAD)

Speakers:A� JoaquA�n GA?mez (Director at INFO), JesA?s Pacheco (Councilman for Employment, Turism and Culture, Murcia city Council), Juanjo Almela (Managing Director of IT & Telecommunications at Murcia Region Government), Alfonso HernA?ndez (President at FREMM), Marco Antonio FernA?ndez (Gerente FundaciA?n Integra), Juan CeldrA?n (Vicepresident at TIMUR).


S6- Clean and smart mobility for smarter cities. Join the revolution of electric vehicles, sharing services and interconnected mobility.

A�Panel dicussionA�

Moderator: Jaime Ruiz HuA�scar (E-mobility manager of Murcia City Council)

Speakers: A?ngel LA?pez (E-mobility manager of Barcelona), Lot Van der Giessen (Smart Mobility Adviser, Eindhoven Municipality),A�Esma Dilek (Deputy Traffic Manager at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality).


S7- Climate change consequences and adaptation challenges for our cities. Can we still save the world?

Panel discussionA�

Moderator:A�Sofia Lorenz Fonfria (Head of Climate change department at ALEM)

Speakers:A�Antonio Navarro (Councilman for the Environment- Murcia city Council), Adrian Mcloughlin (Climate Change Officer at Newcastle City Council), JosA� Luis MuA�oz-Bonet (Director Climate KIC Spain),A�RamA?n LA?pez PA�rez (Spanish Office for Climate Change).


S8- Smart living and Smart societies: The impact of social innovation & the circular economy in our cities

A�Keynote speechA�

1st part:A�Elke den Ouden – TU/e Fellow, Eindhoven University of Technology & Rianne Valkenburg – LightHouse /A�Expertise in Smart Lighting & Smart Cities, Eindhoven University of Technology

2nd part:A�SoA?a JonA?A?ovA? (Founder of Institute of Circular Economy)


Closing words 1st day

Conference facilitator

Day 2 agenda

Wednesday, February 07, 2018
Smart Cities rule the future! Roads for a joint green transformation towards 2050


Registration and coffee


Welcome address

Robert StA?ssi (Smart thinking ! Perform Energy)


Opening speech

JosA� GuillA�n Parra (Vice-Mayor and Councilman for Modernization & Urban Quality a�� Murcia City Council).


R.1 Roadmapping the day: Results from the R4E project: How do we see the future of our cities?

A�Short presentationA�

Elke den Ouden – TU/e Fellow, Eindhoven University of Technology

Rianne Valkenburg – LightHouse /A�Expertise in Smart Lighting & Smart Cities, Eindhoven University of Technology

Bernadette Bergsma – EU Policy & Project Advisor & Coordinator R4E, City of Eindhoven


R.2 Keynote: Looking at the future of cities and role of municipalities

A�Keynote speechA�

Pablo SA?nchez ChillA?n (International Urban Advisor & Public Affairs Expert)


R.3 EU initiatives: Support to European Cities and Regions in their Energy Transition. Relevant initiatives and funding opportunities under Horizon 2020.


Moderator: Mercedes HernA?ndez (Head of European Programs – Murcia City Council)

Speakers: Giulia Pizzini a�� EASME Project Adviser,A�Gonzalo Esteban LA?pez (Granada Energy Agency- Optitrans Project representative), Marek Muiste (Panel 2050 Project representative).


Coffee break



R.4 A conversation with 8 European cities: How will their city look like in 2050? What will the future bring for these cities?

A�Interactive debateA�

Robert StA?ssi (Smart thinking ! Perform Energy) + Eindhoven, Forli, Palermo, Murcia, Sant Cugat del VallA?s, Istanbul, Tallinn, Newcastle


R.4BA� Holistic energy transition: 6 takeaways for city leaders


Torsten Masseck (Researcher and Lecturer, Politechnic University of Catalonia -UPC)


R.5 Introduction to the 4 breakout sessions

A�Short introductionA�

Conference facilitator


Lunch Break



R.5-1 Breakout session 1:
The ultimate experience of co-creating vision and roadmaps for energy.

(Interactive workshop. Max. 15 participants – Interesting for (municipality) experts that actively want to experience the process and results of the R4E project)

Description: In this break out session you will experience the four steps of creating a vision and roadmap for your city to reach your goals:
1. Setting an ambition for your city on becoming a sustainable and smart city in 2050: what focus will you choose?
2. Inspired by visionary experts, creating a future vision that describes the desired quality of life in your city.
3. With the roadmaps that were created in the R4E project, we will see what opportunities and developments the coming years will bring to make your vision possible: what are interesting next steps to take?
4. In the last step, we will look into potential project proposals that are relevant to your context and that you can participate in.

In this workshop, you will fast forward go through the entire approach of Roadmaps for Energy. In each step, the specific results and insights from the R4E project will be shared and discussed in a way that you can identify the wins for your city and your context.

This break out session is restricted to 15 participants, due to its participative character. It is open to (municipality) experts that actively want to experience the process and results of the R4E project. Register soon to join this select opportunity!

Room 1


– Elke den Ouden – TU/e Fellow, Eindhoven University of Technology, (TBC)

– Rianne Valkenburg – LightHouse /A�Expertise in Smart Lighting & Smart Cities, Eindhoven University of Technology.

R.5-2 Breakout session 2:
Young Talents: how can young talents / start-ups help cities to improve their municipal services?

(Mix of discussions and brainstorming)A�

Description:A�The goal of this breakout session is to find out how start-ups, talented companies and experts can contribute to improve the quality of life in the cities. For instance, developing new technologies, business models or solutions aimed to improve municipal public services and/or making life in cities easier, more affordable and convenient. At the same time, this breakout session will address the problem of the lack of support from public schemes that start-ups often have to face and how to strengthen the collaboration relationships between start-ups/entrepreneurs and the public sector.

Room 2A�


-Jaime Ruiz Huescar (E-mobility manager city of Murcia)

-Torsten Massek (Researcher and Lecturer, Politechnic University of Catalonia -UPC)

R.5-3 Breakout session 3:
New technologies, challenges and governance schemes that transform the future of urban mobility.

(Mix of discussions and brainstorming)A�

Description:A�In this breakout session, we aim to discuss about new technologies used for smart urban mobility. The session will cover not only the smart mobility technologies but it will also cover the challenges faced by cities while deploying those technologies and governance issues. Topics discussed: Electrification, Shared Mobility, Autonomous Vehicles, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Challenges and Governance.

Room 3A�


-Esma Dilek (Deputy Traffic Manager at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality)

-Anja Hannema (Senior Advisor on Smart mobility at Eindhoven city Council)

-Prof. Dr. Khaled Abbas (Professor of Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering and Former Dean of Egypt National Institute of Transport)

-Prof. Ioannis Minis (Professor in the Department of Financial and Management Engineering- University of the Aegean- Partner at MPrime Advisory Services)

-Wouter van Galen (PhD Candidate at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)

R.5-4 Breakout session 4:
Citizen engagement and a human-centred approach when becoming a Smart City

(Mix of presentations and discussions)

Description:A�Citizen engagement is one of the main problems that public administrations have to deal with. Their engagement is needed because of two reasons; on one hand, knowing what citizens really need for a better life is key to become a real Smart City. Actually, most of the unsuccessful projects are consequence of a lack of previous assessment of what citizens need or demand. Smart Cities mustA� focus on how to provide solutions to improve the quality of life of their citizens. On the other hand, participatory processes, which are the basis for success of a project, are difficult to carry out. Ita��s quite challenging to reach all citizens affected. We have to find out how to engage citizens to agree on whata��s better for the city and avoid future complaints. Citizens around the world have a lot of knowledge and experience in their professional or personnel fields that, if well addressed, can be very useful for the futureA� development of cities.



-Victor Martinez (Director of the Urban Quality and Mobility Department, Sant Cugat del VallA?s city Council).

– Oriol Arechavala (Citizen engagement expert atA�Sant Cugat del VallA?s city Council).

-Gerard Riba (Expert on Urban Quality,A�Sant Cugat del VallA?s city Council)


R.6 Wrap up of breakout sessions and on-stage feedback!

A�Short presentationsA�

– Rianne Valkenburg – LightHouse / Expertise in Smart Lighting & Smart Cities, Eindhoven University of Technology

– Jaime Ruiz HuA�scar – E-mobility manager of Murcia City Council

– Esma Dilek – IMM Deputy Traffic Manager, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

– VA�ctor MartA�nez del Rey – Director of Urban Quality and Mobility Management, Sant Cugat del VallA?s


R.7A� Get inspired by these 10 pitches

A�Short pitches formatA� Order shatavari capsules

Moderator: Robert StA?ssi (Smart thinking ! Vice-president ofA�APVE, the Portuguese Electric Vehicle Association)

* * Experts and representatives from companies at the forefront of innovation will have the floor to share their insights and highlight projects on Smart Cities. **


R.8 Closing speech

A�Closing speechA�

Robert StA?ssi (Smart thinking ! Perform Energy)


Networking Cocktail

Closing networking cocktail


End of the event

End of the Networking cocktail.

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