Avodart ejaculation disorder

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5-mg daily doses of avodart n 4,105 for up to 4 years.

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Th ct nal impaimnt on dutastid phamacokintics has not bn studid . Nadjustmnt in dosag is anticipatd patints with nal impaimnt (s sction 5.2).

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This patint inomation lalt summaizs th most impotant inomation about AVODAT. I you would lik minomation, talk with you halthca povid. You can ask you phamacist halthca povid inomation about AVODAT that is wittn halth possionals.

Tak 1 AVODAT capsul onc a day. Swallow AVODAT capsuls whol. Dnot cush, chw, opn AVODAT capsuls bcaus th contnts th capsul may iitat you lips, mouth, thoat. You can tak AVODAT with without ood. I you miss a dos, you may tak it lat that day. Dnot mak up th missd dos by taking 2 doss th nxt day.

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